garderobe mit leder handtasche

ellront concrete series

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The idea was to combine industrial light fittings with a concrete base.
The outcome is a number of objects which are set into cylindrical concrete bases of two different sizes.


iron coat rack with a concrete base



floor lamp megaphone
Floor standing lamp utilising a megaphone horn as a lamp head



A highlight of this series is certainly the “MZ2”, an exceptionally compact lamp consisting of an old motorbike headlight combined with a concrete stand.
Featuring a smart sensorial dimmer operated by touching any part of the lamp.



classic black and white enamelled industrial lamp head on a concrete base

sold at Wombachers best Furniture


old theatre spotlight on a concrete base
Old theatre spotlight from the “Stadttheater Duisburg“,
on a concrete base.




a spotlight from the former GDR on a concrete base

beton_design_berlin beton_design_leuchte_theater



Thanks to Carl the 1st. for helping me with this.

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