ellront concrete series


ellront concrete series

Our idea was to combine industrial light fittings with a concrete base.
The outcome is a number of objects which are set into cylindrical concrete bases of two different sizes.



“MZ 2”

A highlight of this series is certainly the “MZ2”, an exceptionally compact lamp consisting of an old motorbike headlight
combined with a concrete stand.
Featuring a smart sensorial dimmer operated by touching any part of the lamp.  Buy now.






“Iron Tree”

Reduced – 3 hooks and a massive concrete standa coat rack. Buy now.







A Theatre spotlight built in the early eighties in Berlin – luminous History.
Old fashioned work combined with contemporary technique.
Rusty housing, huge lense, dimmable bulblight and a concrete stand – interesting light object. Buy now.








Faked history – definitely there where never floor lamps in industrial plants.
Looking at this lamps –  are you sure ?
A classic black and white enamelled industrial lamp head on a concrete base.
Buy now.

(sold at Wombachers best Furniture )





When light gets loud – floor standing lamp utilising a megaphone horn as a lamp head. Buy now.








Archaic light object consisting of an retired theatre spotlight based on a concrete base.
After years of hard work in “Stadttheater Duisburg” this great spotlight is fitted for less exhausting work.
A fantastic huge housing based on a concrete stand, dimmable bulblight, original signs – one of a kind.
Buy now.